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We Provide Top IT Project Managers and Business Analysts.
You Hire Them. It’s That Easy!

Equipping Oil & Gas, Finance, and IT Startups with IT Project Managers and Business Analysts

It’s time to skip the guesswork when hiring management staff to effectively handle, spearhead, oversee, and execute all your projects. Project management and business analysis are sensitive departments in the energy and financial sector. We understand the gravity of this role which informs our approach to vetting the candidates we prepare for you. Request a staff member from us today or speak with our recruitment professionals to uncover the right talent for your company – and you can rest assured of always getting the best staff sent your way.

Advanced Recruitment for Your High-Value Needs

Join a host of top companies that attract the best project managers and business analysts at their disposal by working with us. Necomitt equips Project Managers and Program Directors with suitable candidates that boast competent core skills for the role with the added benefit of polished soft skills that allow them to excel at any task. From people management skills to adequate time management and dependency, our candidates are vetted and trusted to boost your workflow, improve your efficiency and help achieve your short- and long-term goals faster. Does that sound like something you’d love too? Then, now is the time to get started.

What Solutions Do We Have for You?

We partner with Finance and Oil & Gas companies as well as startups to manage their staffing needs with several targeted hiring solutions:


Manage seasonal projects and seasonal workloads better with expert talent willing to step up to the plate for you. Our contract staffing solutions are also great for managing budget expectations and in the need to fill temporary vacancies faster.

Contract to Hire

Get the option to see if a candidate is the right fit for your company before breaking out all the benefits and perks. Come back to us for another candidate if you’d like to try an alternative.

Direct Hire

Commit fully to the right candidate and have them start delivering premium value to your company right away. Leave it to us to find the right talent to start achieving your company’s goals. Become the next satisfied brand to secure the services of top-notch IT pros in the project management and business analysis space, request staff from us today!

We are ready to discuss your company’s needs in-depth to always send you the best candidates. Give us a call anytime and tell us what you need.

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