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About us

Necomitt Matches Motivated IT Project Managers & Business
Analysts to Outstanding Employers

We Take Care Of IT Staffing For Finance and Oil & Gas

Our model at Necomitt is based on the balance that has helped us tailor unique solutions to the candidates that trust us to vet the right employers for them and the employers who look to us to fill their roles with reliable Business Analysts and Project Management pros that deliver. We create the ideal work relationship by helping to fuel business success when we match the right candidates to roles where they feel supported and have the proper conditions that foster their growth as people and professionals at the same time. That way, our work helps to improve the lives of these candidates while bettering the success rate of the companies that trust us to come up with them. Necomitt ensures a better approach to the hiring and placement of Business Analysts and Project Managers by choosing to focus on the Financial, Energy, and Information Technology sectors alone. We hone down on specific industry needs to tackle the involved pain points for the candidates and employers alike, continually innovating to find new ways to meet these parties at the various points of their needs. Enjoy and explore our data-driven, intelligence-backed success solutions that span attracting the right talents and employers with the best roles to matching candidates with those positions that best define their dream role. Get started today and find out how you can achieve so much more with a system that works for you.

Our Mission

To continue understanding and developing strategies for the shifting trends in the project management and business industries, equipping ourselves with the data, tools, and skill-sets to meet the needs of the candidates and employers looking to achieve varying degrees of success in multiple scales within their respective business/career paths.

Our Vision

To become the standard for building incredible employer-employee relationships in the project and business management niche, fostering the placement of exceptional talent in industry-leading roles for a fit that fuels personnel career growth, personal development, and the timely achievement of business goals.

Our Values

At Necomitt, we are big on values and make sure that they underline everything we do.


We commit to finding the candidates and clients that trust us to provide the right solutions for their career and business without bias. 


We deal with candidates and employers of all backgrounds, qualifications, and requirements to enable a fair distribution and diversity of capable hands in the project and business management industry. 


Maintaining our integrity and your trust is our main priority, which is why highly motivated candidates and industry-leading employers come to us. We don’t cut corners in bringing you the best – and we do that over and again.


We build a strong track record on the back of solid relationships with everyone we work with in every capacity. We continue to forge such strong relationships by treating you as our one customer, fully committing to your cause to ensure you get what you need. Trust our niche IT staffing expertise; we take pride in our ability to place multiple project managers and business analysts to find you the right roles or deliver the best candidates to fill your company’s IT vacancies today.
See what we have on offer for you and start taking advantage of our tailored solutions right away.

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